Providing Effective Services in  

Typesetting, Digitising, Designing, Training & Support  in Excellence

Our Vision

Composing the Word of God for the World to fulfil the Great Commission with excellence

Our Mission

An international not-for-profit organisation that typesets and publishes the Word of God in all languages in a form that the people of the World can relate to

Our Objective

To provide typesetting and publishing services to Bible Agencies and book publishers

Who we are 

Typesetting of Bibles in the United Bible Societies Africa was started in 1989 with 2 centres with one in Nairobi and the other in Lome. In 1992, the one in Lome was closed down. The Nairobi Centre was to become a model to set up other centres in Africa. The Typesetters were to help create, train and support staff of the new centres to be created.
The CAP Unit of the United Bible Societies Africa Area was created on April 1, 2006. It was partially funded by UBS – Translations Services until May 2012.
To carry on with the excellent work the unit was doing an independent entity Africa Typesetting Network has been set up to provide the services to Bible Agencies in Africa and beyond.

What we are doing now

For the past eight years since its inception the Africa Typesetting Network has typeset numerous scriptures for the Bible Agencies.

It has digitised over 100 Scriptures from all over the world for the Digital Bible Library DBL.

Our Services

1. Typesetting of scriptures and books

2.  Training and support of typesetters and translators in the use of Bible translation and typesetting programs

3.  Digitising of scriptures and books for use on the internet and other electronic media

4.  Provide graphic design of organisational logos, tracts, pamphlets, leaflets, newssheets, books, posters, magazines, periodicals, comics etc.

5.  Publishing of books and related materials in print, on the internet and other electronic media

Contact us

The international company limited by guarantee and our office is in Kenya.